SoundMexPro - The Professional Tool for multi-channel I/O
and real-time Processing of Audio Signals in MATLAB®

SoundMexPro is a powerful tool for sound applications in MATLAB®. SoundMexPro turns your MATLAB® applications into a virtual recording studio or a low-latency I/O-DSP-engine.

Take advantage of

  • low-latency multi-channel ASIO interface
  • unlimited number of virtual audio tracks with real-time mixing and processing
  • VST plugin interface
  • real-time MATLAB® script plugin interface
  • real-time access to recorded data
  • graphical user interfaces for mixing and track control

Click on picture for a SoundMexPro screenshot

SoundMexPro is especially designed to implement complex acoustic measurement tasks (Psychoacoustics, Physical Acoustics, Neurophysiology) with it's MATLAB® object-like interface.

For detailed information refer to the Features section or take a look at Applications to see some lab setups using SoundMexPro.

For information on SoundMex2 please refer to the corresponding Support section.

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